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ALPHA- creatine HCL

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The body generates this energy through the synthesis of the Adenosine Triphosphate molecules or ATP molecules that are considered to be the primary energy source of the body. The body can only retain ATP molecules enough to fuel 8-10 seconds of rigorous weight training at a given time and cannot store a vast amount of ATP molecules for long. For someone who is into serious weight training, it might seriously hinder the workout sessions as low energy levels will cut down the duration of the workout sessions and will cause muscle fatigue, thus defeating the very purpose of weight training. Creatine is the amino acid that facilitates the production of ATP molecules for the body to generate energy during the rigorous weight training sessions. The Protein structure is complex, and it takes a while for the body to break down the Protein source. The HCl present in the gut absorbs the Protein source, and the process of breaking down the Protein structure initiated. The more easily Creatine is incorporated in the body, the lesser time it will take for the body to produce the ATP molecules and generate energy. Therefore, the supply of Creatine through dietary intake that can be easily absorbed by the body becomes essential for anyone who is into progressive critical weight training. A healthy amount of Creatine before and after the workout sessions will ensure that the energy levels are high during the work out sessions, and the body is supplied with ample energy to recover after the workout sessions fast and without fatigue. Thus making it an excellent pre and post-workout dietary essential. 

A Creatine supplement with Hydrochloride can be a wise choice. Hydrochloride being the most abundant chemical found in the stomach, will ensure that the Creatine is easily absorbed by the body and is ready for synthesis.

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