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When should you take glutamine supplement?

by BizTechSols Collaborator | | glutamine supplement | 0 Comments

With so much modification and second grade foods available in the market nowadays, it becomes difficult to fulfill your body’s nutritional needs through whole foods only. This is especially true if you are on a specific diet such as a vegan diet and need to get more proteins into your body. If you are exercising daily or doing intensive gym sessions regularly, then your body may not be able to replenish all its nutrients from the food you eat. 

In such cases, you should consider taking glutamine supplements as they form part of the natural amino acids in your body, which helps promote muscle growth, intestinal development and improve your immune system. People who have an amino acid deficiency may also benefit from glutamine supplements as they are crucial for building proteins in the body. While there is no specific measure for whether you lack glutamine or not, feeling fatigued after a workout and extended muscle soreness are common signs that you may have a protein deficiency.


Functions of glutamine supplements 

Glutamine is one of the most important amino acids in the body. Not only does it aid with muscle growth and development, it can also help build torn or damaged tissue and skin cells. This makes it effective as a supplement for speeding up recovery after a cut or injury. Glutamine also plays a major role in promoting better digestion. If you are having recurring indigestion, you could take glutamine for a few days to help strengthen your intestinal system. This is also helpful in dealing with other medical conditions such as bowel syndrome. 

However, you do not have to have an underlying medical condition to feel the benefits of glutamine supplements. Glutamine can also play a role in promoting crucial body functions and may strengthen your immune system. It does so by strengthening white blood cells, which is crucial for disease prevention. 


When you should take glutamine supplements 

  • After intensive workouts: Glutamine is a building block for many proteins in the body and can aid with muscle recovery. While you could get ample glutamine from your diet, you will likely need extra supplements if you are frequently working out in the gym. This is one of the most natural supplements that promote muscle growth and will help you recover for your next training session. 
  • Recovery from burns and cuts- If your skin has been damaged from a bur or cut, taking glutamine supplements can help speed up the healing process. This is because it promotes the development of skin cells and muscle tissue. 
  • Improving performance in athletes: While glutamine has shown to be effective in promoting muscle growth, many studies have shown that it could also help improve performance in athletes, especially after intense training sessions. 

While glutamine is a natural supplement and is completely safe, you should never exceed the recommended daily dosage. If you are pregnant or have an underlying medical condition, you should consult your doctor before taking glutamine supplements.