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What is a grass fed whey protein and why it is best for your body?

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Just as fuel is for the machines, protein is for muscle building. Protein is an important micronutrient that is the building block of muscles. Muscle tissues are built by Amino acids that are formed by synthesis of Protein. So gettings adequate amount of protein from a diet is really important for muscle growth. Generally, it is not possible to maintain a high protein diet with our modern food habits and lifestyle. A protein rich body building supplement can be of great help to achieve the fit body goals. 

Whey protein is a type of body building supplement which is most popular nowadays. It is an easily digestible form of protein. Whey protein specifically is the liquid that separates from the curds during the cheese-making process. It is completely natural and edible. Just as any other dairy item whey protein is also affected by the dietary habits of the cattle from which the product is manufactured. There is a particular type of whey protein that is proven to provide the best results and improve muscle growth. Regular whey protein comes from cows that are kept in small barns, adverse conditions, where they are fed with GMO grains and treated with antibiotics. Grass fed cows on the other hand are kept in natural environment, receive a plant-powered diet, producing milk with a richer nutritional profile. Just like how grass fed, organic, and pasture-raised meats are more nutritious (and more eco-friendly), the same goes for whey protein powder. What a cow eats impacts the nutritional content of its milk. Protein derived from grass fed milf will likely have better biological value. So Grass fed whey protein is regarded as the best form of when protein amount the multiple options.

Additionally, there are many reasons to choose grass fed whey protein over other body building supplements. It has many advantages that are beneficial for your body. Below are some well known advantages of Grass fed whey protein body building supplement.

  • Statistically, grass fed whey protein supplements are more beneficial in weight loss. Organic milk contains more amount of conjugated linoleic acid. CLA is known to be great weight loss agent.
  • Grass fed whey protein are also believed to boost up your immune and recovery. Beta-lactoglobulin is the major compound of whey, it has a number of advantages including anti-inflammatory, blood pressure reduction, and cholesterol-lowering effects. 
  • Grass fed whey contains more omega 3 fatty acids which is highly known for being anti-inflammatory.
  • Grass fed whey protein is also rich in antioxidants like beta-lactoglobulin and vitamins A & E. Protein recovered from grass fed whey supplement will also provide you with more antioxidants which helps in reducing muscle soreness and fatigue. 
  • It is regarded as an anti cancer agent. It is definitely not the major benefit of organic whey protein powder but serves as one more little argument.
  • Grass fed whey protein are GMO and antibiotics free which is a huge relief on its own. 

Thus a good mix of grass fed whey protein with additional supplements can be very helpful and a preferred option to achieve a fit lean body.

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