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The advantages of using plant-based protein supplements:

by BizTechSols Collaborator | | plant-based protein, protein | 0 Comments

If you are looking for plant-based protein supplement, then there is a plethora of supplements which you can buy, and all have several advantages to human health. Protein based supplements extracted from plants are a great source to increase your protein intake. The preferred plants from which protein is extracted are pea, hemp, pumpkin seed, brown rice, soy, chia, and flax. These plants are great source to get required protein intake if a person is sensitive to dairy products. Some products also contain ingredients which are of tremendous benefits to health including omega-3fatty acid, probiotic and fiber. Before we dive deep into the benefits of plant-based protein supplements lets first look how protein-based supplements have revolutionized pharmaceutical industry. Human body consist of three most important macro-nutrient i.e. carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Protein is especially important in muscle building mass. It can be obtained from plethora of vegetables and dry fruits. It can also be obtained from meat. Amino acids are the building block of protein molecules. Proteins can be obtained from a variety of plants.


Requirement of protein in body:

Protein is very essential part of our diet. It is a component of every cell of human body. Human hair and nails, enzymes and hormones are made up of protein. Our body utilize protein to build muscle and to repair tissues.



Benefits of plant-based supplements on health:

  • Plant based protein contain a large amount of fibers which improve bowel movements thereby decreases the risk of constipation and gut inflammation. Plant based protein supplement are a source to maintain digestive balance.
  • It is a quick source of sufficient amount of protein intake with actual intake of food. The main objective of pharmaceutical industry is to increase consumption of protein without intake of food.
  • Plant based protein supplements are easily absorbed by body as compared to whey protein. It means that body can easily break it down and use it to promote cell growth and to repair muscle tissue.
  • Red meat is a particularly good source of iron, but pea protein supplements are as effective as red meat. A serving of pea protein powder is a source of 35% of protein for human body while the same serving of animal-based protein consists of 0% of iron need of body. This indicate that person need to eat more meat to get the same amount of iron as obtained from plant-based protein. Along with the iron it is also a source of protein.
  • Plant based protein supplements are a huge source of micro-nutrient, vitamins, ante-oxidants, and minerals. One of these nutrients are those which are essential in the absorption of vitamin for the body. A vegan protein-based supplement is made up of coconut and contain a bulk of essential nutrient in its each serving.
  • Plant based protein supplements boost and stabilize your metabolism thereby helpful in reducing your weight.
  • Plant based protein supplements offer alkalizing qualities to your body. It helps to maintain the PH of the body while animal-based protein supplement turns the body PH to acidic.