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Should you try a ketone diet for weight loss?

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A keto or ketogenic diet is a named so because it causes body to produce small number of ketones. A ketone diet consists of low carbohydrate, moderate protein, and high good fat diet. It is another way that can be used when glucose is shortly supplied. When a person uses ketone diet to lose his weight, he consumes less amount of carbohydrates or take low calories. These low calories induce liver to produce ketones from fat which becomes a new source of energy for the body particularly for brain because brain is a most hungry organ of the body. It requires a lot of energy. Fats are not enough for it. It can only run on ketones or glucose. In a ketone diet the insulin level drops and the whole body is switched to fat consumption and burn fats 24-7 hours and fat consumption dramatically increase which causes fat loss. Keto diet has made it easier to burn your fat and reduce your weight. It saves an obese person to stop eating completely. A complete hunger to lose weight has a lot of harmful effect, energy loss and low nutritional level. When a person is on ketone diet his body went into process called ketosis. The best way to increase ketone level in your body is by fasting but a person cannot fast consistently. 


Keto diet is best to treat obesity because of following benefits

  • It boosts the process of weight loss thereby treating obesity. Thirteen studies conducted on 1.5k people who are given ketone diet were lost more weight as compared to those who were given low fat diet.
  • A study conducted on 84 people consist of people who were obese and those who were suffering from type 2 diabetes highlighted that a low carbohydrate diet improves glycemic control and eliminate medication use.
  • People who assigned ketone diet show improved blood sugar level and more weight loss as compared to traditional dieting programs that are based on complete hunger.
  • A study conducted on 64 people reveal that ketone diet improve body weight and BMI.
  • A ketone diet reduces cholesterol level. High level of cholesterol in blood is a root of many heart diseases i.e. blockage of arteries, veins, stroke, inflammation of blood vessels and cardiovascular attack. A ketone diet reduces the risk of these diseases.
  • In case of obese people, it stabilizes the sugar level in blood and decrease cell dependency on glucose thereby prevent health issues.
  • Epilepsy is a nervous disorder in which activity of brain becomes abnormal causing unusual behavior, sensation, and loss of awareness. Studies suggested that ketone diet is associated with neuroprotective properties along with anti-seizure, anti-convulsing activities. These effects are due to elevated level of ketones and reduces level of glucose and a combination of these two.
  • An elevated level of ketone reduced cravings for food and sweet.
  • A little evidence suggest that ketone adapted athlete have higher endurance and mental clarity as compared to non-ketone adapted athletes. Ketones supply a constant amount of energy to brain.
  • Low carbohydrate level associated with ketone diet result in lowering high blood pressure and maintain cholesterol level.
  • Keto diet reduces migraine attack and headaches.

Vegetables and nuts to eat on a keto diet:

The vegetables that should be preferred to eat during ketone diet are:

  • Cucumber, avocado, spinach, cabbage, mushroom, broccoli, yellow pepper

The preferred fruits are

  • Berries, Lemon, orange, apple, kiwi, plum, banana, grapes, and mango.

These fruits and vegetables must be used in an amount prescribed by nutritionist. 

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