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Glutamine: Benefits and major uses

by BizTechSols Collaborator | | Glutamine | 0 Comments

Glutamine is an amino acid and has an important role in human body. It is a unit that consists of protein and considered as a critical part of our immune system. Human body naturally produces the amino acid and it can also be found in meat, fish, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.  

Glutamine is produced in brain, skeletal muscles and liver. The job of brain and skeletal muscles is to produce and export glutamine to the major organ of human body whereas; liver produces and consumes glutamine depending on various monitoring factors. Glutamine is also an important factor in increasing immunity in our body. The immune system protects human body against diseases, and other damaging foreign bodies such as parasites, viruses and bacteria.  If body is unable to produce glutamine due to some injury and illness, glutamine supplements can be given to boost the immune system and help store the protein reserve in the body. 

Why do we need glutamine? If you have a poor immune system, low muscle build, constipation, depression, craving like alcohol and sugar, diarrhea, experience slow energy regain after workout and also slow recovery after injury.  So to improve your immune system and to deal with these issues you have to take glutamine supplement which are available in capsules and powdered form. Despite these, eating beef, chicken, fish, egg, dairy produce and fruits and vegetable like cabbage, spinach, celery, Brussels sprouts, papaya, juices and wheat can be a source of consuming glutamine. The human body produces glutamine naturally and spread it evenly to the organs through blood. It helps the body by strengthening immune system especially in stress.


Benefits and uses of Glutamine: 

  • Glutamine helps improve skin as exposure to UV light decrease the collagen formation. The supplements with glutamine and important amino acid reverse this effect.
  • Glutamine is important in hair growth. It works as nitric acid and provides carbon and is essential in preserving and building muscles. 
  • Glutamine helps improve sleep.
  • Glutamine also helps in building and improving muscles. It aids muscles in holding water which is good for healing and growth.
  • Glutamine helps improve immune system, stop infection and inflammation in the body and relaxing intestinal tissues. 
  • Glutamine aids in weight loss. Glutamine supplements can be used in lean body tissue and reduce the circumference of abdomen in fat people.
  • Glutamine maintains body weight moderating the use of sugar and alcohol.
  • Glutamine helps prevent the spread of toxins in human body.

If your body is unable to produce enough glutamine that deficiency can be improved by using dietary products which are rich in glutamine. You can also use glutamine supplements available in the market in the form of capsules and powder. It is safe to use glutamine supplements if you start with a prescribed or conservative doze as your body produces it naturally. Short term use of glutamine is safe according to the amount produced in your body.

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