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Glutamine: An anti-fatigue amino acid

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Someone who wants to be an athlete or make his/her career in sports, they need more than just training. To become a good athlete, it requires balanced, healthy and full of nutrition diet. While the organic food we consume provides us nutrition, vitamins etc. an athlete needs some extra supplements.

One such nutrition supplement that is actually one of the essential sports nutrition is Glutamine. It is an essential amino acid that is naturally found in many food products. This amino acid provides a bunch of health benefits for our body. 

However, it’s one property is what makes this amino acid (Glutamine) and essential nutrition for sports. If you are curious to know about that benefit, then read this article till the end. 


Glutamine Prevents Dehydration

 Although Glutamine has numerous functions in the human body. One particular function of this amino acid that helps athletes is its anti-fatigue property. Evidence gathered from multiple research and studies have shown that glutamine retains water in our body for longer hours. It promotes rapid absorption of fluids and electrolytes in the gut. Thus delaying the fatigue and hence increasing the stamina - both of which are very beneficial for athletes.


Improves Exercise Performance

Glutamine is also the building block of the proteins. It means that this amino acid is also effective in improving exercise performance. Not only glutamine intake delays the fatigue, but it also helps with the muscle soreness allowing the person to train longer. Furthermore, it also improves muscle recovery after intense workout/training. However, there is no evidence available that shows glutamine affecting muscle gain.


No Side Effects

One strong reason to add this nutritional supplement in your diet is that it only has positive effects. It means that glutamine does not leave any adverse side effects on the body. In fact, it boosts the immune system and improves intestinal health. Not just this, glutamine is good news for people who want to reduce weight. This amino acid improves the metabolism hence aid to burn extra fats.


Best Time to Take Glutamine Supplement

Usually, people take glutamine supplement with their meal, at night or empty stomach in the morning. Well, if you are a body trainer or an athlete, the best time to intake the glutamine supplement is post-workout or endurance activities.

It is because, after an intensive workout or endurance activity, the level of glutamine in the body is very low. You can take it with water or mix it in the shake or smoothie, however, you may want to consume it.

The last thing that you need to know about glutamine intake is its dosage. For people with intensive training or endurance activity, a dosage of 10gms to 15gms is ideal. But taking a 5gms of glutamine after workout or training is essential for athletes.

Regular intake of glutamine would definitely improve the performance - without making the user tired or exhausted. With so many benefits, it is not wrong to say that Glutamine should be a part of everyone’s diet!

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