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Creatine HCL Vs Mono Creatine

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If you are into bodybuilding or fitness raining, you may have tried a wide variety of supplements in the past. With so many options available in each supplement group, it becomes difficult to decide which ones are more effective. Besides, you do not want to damage your body in the process of trying out various supplements. The best options would be to go with the tried and tested supplements that have been proven to work effectively in the past. 

Amongst these supplements, one of the most effective is Creatine. It has been used by bodybuilders, athletes and fitness experts for decades and there is ample scientific evidence to prove its effectiveness in improving performance and promoting muscle growth. In fact, Creatine has become so popular that many nutritionists would recommend taking it as part of your diet if you are an athlete or regular gym goer. 


Two major types of Creatine

While Creatine is basically the same, there are some varieties of supplements that make use of it in different ways. This mainly has to do with how your body absorbs the product, price differences as well as its ability to break down in your body effectively. The most common type is Mono Creatine. Most Creatine supplements will contain this type and it has been the most widely tested as well. However, another type of Creatine which has become popular recently is Creatine HCL. This type is more advanced and it is easier for the body to absorb, making it popular amongst fitness experts. Although, it has not been around for as long as Mono Creatine, it is certainly more effective in many ways. However, each type has its own benefits and you could choose according to factors that are important to you. 


Benefits of Mono Creatine

  • Widely researched: Mono Creatine is more widely researched and its benefits are scientifically proven. It has been part of major supplements for many years and many people have used it without any negative side effects. In terms of safety, it has a proven track record. 
  • Price: Mono Creatine is cheaper than other forms, which makes it popular. However, you should still buy from a reputable manufacturer to ensure that you get high quality products. 
  • Availability: Mono Creatine is more widely available and you could find it in most stores as well as online stores. 


Benefits of Creatine HCL 

  • Faster absorbing: Creatine HCL dissolves faster and is absorbed much easier by the body. This makes it great for feeling immediate effects. You won’t have to wait hours after taking it to feel the effect. 
  • No loading phase: Because it absorbs faster into the bloodstream, it does not have to be ‘loaded’ as other types of Creatine. This allows you to reap the benefits faster. 
  • Lower doses: Another benefits of fast absorbtion is that you need to take lower doses to get the same results. 

The bottom line is that Creatine HCL might be more effective in certain ways, although it has not been tested as extensively and may be a little more expensive than Mono Creatine. 

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