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Creatine HCL: Dosage, Usage and Benefits

by BizTechSols Collaborator | | Creatine HCL, Usage and Benefits | 0 Comments

Creatine HCL is a widely used supplement that stimulates muscle growth and increases muscle performance. Creatine is a natural chemical found in the body and is derive mainly from protein rich foods such as meat, fish, etc. While having a balanced diet might provide enough Creatine for a regular routine, taking Creatine HCL helps speed up the muscle development in athletes and provides them with the extra energy that they require during intense workouts. 

Creatine is a natural supplement and can be found in a majority of supplementary products. Creatine HCL is allowed by all sports governing bodies and does not have any negative side effects if used correctly. You can also take Creatine along with other supplements to boost overall performance. 



As with all supplements, Creatine HCL should be taken within the recommended dosage to prevent unwanted side effects. Most nutritionists recommend that you undergo a ‘loading phase’. This involves taking higher doses for a few days to load the muscles with extra Creatine. This typically involves taking around 20 grams every day for about 1 week. Afterwards, you can reduce this to about half. 

During the initial dosage, the muscles are stacked up with Creatine and reach full capacity after a week. Afterwards, you may only need to take smaller dosages to produce the same effect. However, these dosages should be taken in smaller portions throughout the day. Taking high doses at once may damage the muscles and cause negative side effects. 



Creatine is most commonly used amongst athletes in sports that require fast twitch muscle movements. This includes track and field athletes as well as swimmers. However, it has also found to be beneficial for soccer players and other high intensity sports where the athlete places strain on the muscles in regular short bursts.  

Creatine is also great for improving overall performance in the gym. It will help improve muscle density and works well for both lower and upper body muscles. Studies have shown that it works well in reducing age related muscle loss as well. However, it should be used along with exercise in order to have any effect. 


Some studies show that taking Creatine HCL can help individuals with Creatine deficiency and other similar medical conditions. 



  • Improves muscle growth: Creatine HCL can help improve the development of muscles both in the upper body as well in the legs. This subsequently improves muscle strength. 
  • Improves workout performance- This supplement works to increase the energy in your muscles, which is perfect for improving performance. You will be able to do more intense workouts as well. 
  • Reduces fatigue: Taking Creatine after an intense workout can actually help the muscles recover and will reduce fatigue. It works as a natural painkiller. 
  • Can improve the brain’s functioning ability: Creatine is naturally found in the brain and works to improve certain thought processes. Some studies show that it can make you more alert. 

While there are no major side effects of taking Creatine HCL in moderate doses, you should consult your physician if you have any prior medical condition before taking this supplement.