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Best sources of protein from plants

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With the vegan diet becoming more popular in the fitness circle, many people are trying to survive completely without meat while still maintaining their workout regimes. While previously it was thought that the lack of protein in the vegan diet will cause issues for bodybuilders and other people who train regularly, this is not true. There are many ways to get protein besides meat and these sources are more effective as well. Plant based protein sources have many benefits from easy availability to faster digestion and low fat content, etc. In fact taking plant based protein can help boost your performance in training and will give you an edge in building muscle as well. 


Plant based protein supplements 

For vegan diets, you can also take a plant based protein supplement for extra effect. These supplements work best after workouts as they help provide the body with the necessary protein to repair damaged muscle and improve functioning. It also help repair damaged tissue, allowing you to recover much faster. The advantage of taking a plant based protein supplement is that it is easier for the body to break down and you will feel the effects much sooner. In addition to supplements, you should also be eating a lot of protein rich plants to ensure that your protein intake is optimal. 



Lentils have long been an important part of the vegan diet and for good reason too. They contain some of the highest protein quantity amongst all plant based food and can be cooked in a variety of different ways. Lentils are easy to store, transport and cook, which makes them the ideal source of protein for vegans. If you are exercising regularly, you should make sure you eat plenty of lentils to ensure that your body has all the protein it needs. 



If you are not allergic to peanut based products, then start getting some of it into your diet. Peanuts contain a significant amount of protein per cup and eating them regularly can provide you with enough protein for optimal muscle growth. While peanut snacks are also quite popular, peanut butter is the best way to get protein while enjoying a great tasting product as well. Peanuts are also great for providing energy during workouts and will help increase your stamina as well. However, make sure to stay within a manageable calorie range, especially if you are consuming peanut based products. 



While seed based plant products are usually the best sources of protein, potatoes also contain significant amount of protein as compared to other vegetables. Not only are they great for providing you with enough energy during workouts, they help in muscle growth as well. 


Hemp seeds 

You may not believe it, but a single table spoon of hemp seeds has 10g of protein, which more than that found in a large potato. Hemp seeds also contain amino acids that are essential for muscle growth and repairing damaged tissue.  A few teaspoons every day will provide you with enough protein to fulfill your needs. 

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